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DeLaval Milking Parlors - Parallel and Herringbone

DeLaval milking parlors offer an array of features and benefits that revolutionize the milking process and positively impact dairy farming operations. Remote start, perfect cluster alignment, low maintenance requirements, unobstructed view of the udder, heavy-duty cylinders and no steel-to-steel wear points are key attributes that contribute to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced animal welfare. By investing in a DeLaval milking parlor, owners can expect to optimize their milking operations, reduce costs, and provide a higher standard of care for their cows, ultimately leading to greater profitability and success.

Whether you are building a new dairy, or retrofitting a new system into your existing barn, DeLaval and Joe's Refrigeration have a solution to fit your needs. Joe's Refrigeration offers a range of parlors that are adapted to the needs of you and your farm. Every parlor is designed so you and your animals are comfortable and safe at all times. Extensive research and development has gone into DeLaval parlors ensuring a fast, efficient and thorough milking process. Contact Joe's Refrigeration today to explore all the options available for building a milking parlor to best serve your dairy operation.

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Conventional Parlor Automation

DeLaval Milking Points

Having reliable data on every cow helps you to manage your herd so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Whatever your herd management challenges, DeLaval milking points partnered with DelPro herd management software will be a key part of your success.

DeLaval Flow Indicator FI7

When milk yield from each cow is monitored accurately, you gain key data for efficient herd management. This compact yield indicator provides:

  • A robust design with no moving parts
  • Milk yield available cow side
  • Additional monitoring of liner slips, kick offs and cluster inlet blocks

DeLaval Milk Meter MM27BC

The profitability of your dairy farm depends on so many factors which influence milk yield – cow health, feeding, milking performance. The ICAR-approved DeLaval milk meter MM27BC delivers accurate data on milk flow, milk yield and parlor performance, for maximum efficiency in managing your herd. When partnered with DelPro herd management milking management becomes a snap.

Afimilk MPC

Exceptionally accurate device for milk yield and conductivity monitoring and recording

The Afimilk MPC (Milk Point Controller), provides important features and alerts for milking operators. It is built to provide the neccesary protection against damaging vacuum fluctuations. The MPC has accurate, adjustable thresholds for automatic stoppage of milking when milk flow decreases, then timed vacuum closure guarantees smooth release of the cluster from the udder.

The ICAR approved Afimilk MPC Milk Meter provides full control over the milking process. Its state-of-the-art conductivity sensor is used for effective and early detection of mastitis, and to reduce the damage caused by udder disease.

Heavy Duty, Long Life Span, Flexible Setup
  • Modular device – suitable for installation in any type or brand of milking platform
  • Control panel – sealed unit designed to withstand the wet and challenging environment of milking parlors
  • Easy cleaning – requires minimal volume of cleaning water
  • Low-cost preventive maintenance – only requires annual replacement of rubber gaskets
  • Tubing – available in either 5/8” or 7/8” inlets
  • Accessories – an array of efficient and cost-efficient shut-off valves

AfiLab Milk Analyzer

The AfiLab milk analyzer is installed inline, at each milking point, to measure milk components (fat, protein, and lactose) from each cow. It captures vital information for early illness detection and genetic improvement.

What Milk Components Show Us
Feed Efficiency – AfiLab alerts you to feed problems

Feed is the most significant expense for dairy farms making optimized feed control vital:

  • Maintain optimal feed regimes
  • Identify effects of ration changes
  • Detect reduced feed quality
Genetic Optimization

Accurate sensors automatically monitor the milk data at every milking (rather than monthly lab tests), delivering invaluable information for collecting supportive genetic data:

  • Afimilk MPC ICAR approved milk meter – accurately records milk yield
  • AfiLab milk analyzer – track and record milk components – fat and protein
  • The database stores the information for every cow, for each milking, every day
Detection of critical health problems

Fact: No one knows your milk better than Afimilk.

Using the combined data of milk yield, conductivity, and milk components, we can detect diseases at the earliest stages: sub-clinical ketosis, sub-clinical mastitis, digestion problems, and more.

DeLaval Cow Movers

Moving your cows from the holding pen to the parlor is a straight forward operation with DeLaval cow movers. The cow movers provide reliable service and offer many timesaving features for use on all dairies.

Herdsman HRS cow mover

Custom-built to your holding area specifications. A unique feature is the vertical lifting gate - the pipe rails lift straight up, allowing cows to pass under.

Usher HRS cow mover

DeLaval cow mover Usher is our premium offering to keep cows at the entrance of the parlor, ready to enter.

Tech For Ag Heritage Crowd Gates

Tech for Ag offers a large range of sizes of crowd gates in stainless or galvainized driven by air or electric motors. They also have the option to add a manure scraper for automated cleaning of the holding area after all cows have been through. Please contact Joe's Refirgeration for your custom quote today.