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DeLaval Compact Chillers

Every dairy operation faces the challenge of cooling milk fast enough to achieve the highest level of milk quality. This is especially true for dairy farmers who are expanding their operations, changing over to voluntary milking systems or simply trying to make do with outdated cooling systems that just can’t keep up.

The DeLaval Compact Chillers help you achieve the highest levels of milk quality and profit by delivering powerful, instant cooling. This promotes food safety by locking in the quality of your milk before it goes into the tank or truck.

User benefits:

  • Ability to instant cool milk on farms where traditional in-tank cooling is not enough
  • Provides fastest cooling rate of all cooling system types –> conserves milk quality
  • One-piece design makes it easy and lower cost to install
  • Installs outside the building to conserve space
  • Built-in heat recovery to limit energy use of heating water
  • Internet connected PLC Chiller Controller to monitor status and performance
  • Redundant pumps and compressors to minimize the risk of downtime
  • Status and performance alarms to give early warning to help reduce downtime

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Milk Tower

The Mueller® Milk TowerTM offers improved cooling capacity and enhanced features. Its inner tank incorporates the Mueller Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface. The heat transfer surface removes more heat from milk in the same amount of time when compared to other milk silos, and its horizontal orientation creates an increased cooling surface area allowing optimal refrigeration at lower milk volumes.

Reach maximum cooling efficiency and maintain temperature, even when the tower is not 100 percent full. A powerful, built-in evaporator supports temperature maintenance. The Mueller Milk Tower offers ultimate product protection, enabling you to deliver the highest-quality milk possible. It is also available in a 3-A sanitary finish.

A standard 4-inch vent makes this Milk Tower capable of a faster empty rate than previous vertical tanks. Mueller Milk Towers are ideal for extra large traditional and extra large robotic dairy farm needs. Milk Towers are available in six sizes ranging from 7,000 to 40,000 gallons and provide high capacity milk cooling and storage where space is at a premium.

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Milk Coolers

Bulk milk tanks available at Joe's Refrigeration set the industry standard. They are dependable and durable so you can count on years of trouble free performance, the lowest operating costs, precise temperature control, and a wide range of standard features and options.

Joe's Refrigeraion specializes in milk cooling and storage solutions. Our Delaval and Mueller milk coolers, built from polished stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning, meet or exceed world standards, including 3-A sanitary requirements. They feature double wall construction with spray foam insulation to maintain proper temperatures. We also utilize our exclusive Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface for maximum cooling power and low energy costs.

Bulk milk coolers are available in 15 models and 13 sizes from 500 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of every operation. They also come standard with heavy duty agitators and automatic washing systems. Our milk coolers can be adapted to your operational needs using Mueller refrigeration and control systems, which provide the most suitable range of features.

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Condensing Units

Mueller E-Star® units are specifically designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. They are manufactured with a true refrigeration compressor, rather than an air-conditioning compressor adapted for dairy farm use, and are designed for easy service. Electrical controls and valves are located for easy access, and an oil sight glass and fill port allow for easy changing of refrigerant oil to meet future HFC requirements.

With Paul Mueller Company E-Star refrigeration units, you can expect to outperform all other milk cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value.

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HiPerForm® plus Control

To complement their state of the art milk cooling equipment,  Paul Mueller Company has a variety of controls that work in conjunction with your system to program cooling and wash cycles and communicate seamlessly with your other machines.

Gain peace of mind. You can rely on our intuitive controls to interface with your system and simplify your procedures using automated functions. Depending on your specifications, we have a wide range of controls to suit your specific needs and promote maximum efficiency in your milk cooling process.

The HiPerForm plus control is designed for use in both traditional and robotic dairy farm operations. A cloud-based interface reports the status of milk cooling systems to dairy producers including milk volume, milk temperatures, equipment alerts, and more. Connect your dairy, dealer, hauler, processor, and team. Safeguard your milk.

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Accu-Therm® Plate Coolers

Paul Mueller Company plate coolers, also known as plate heat exchangers, allow you to use your water supply to cut refrigeration costs. With the technology of Accu-Therm® plate coolers, your existing water supply can be used to precool warm milk before it goes into your milk cooler. The warmed water is then available for animal consumption at your dairy facility. Precooling milk reduces the time and energy needed to reach proper temperatures in your bulk tank by as much as 50 percent.

Accu-Therm® plate coolers have a series of stainless steel plates compressed into a frame. The plates are separated by gaskets that form flow channels on opposite sides of each plate. Cool water flows down the channel on one side while warm milk flows up the other side. The milk's temperature drops as it transfers its heat to the cool water on the opposite side of the plate. The plate cooler's design provides extremely efficient performance for fast precooling in your dairy milk cooling system.

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Heat Recovery Systems

No matter the size of your dairy operation, you need ample hot water. With a heat recovery system you can capture the heat from the milk cooling process and inject it back into your potable hot water system. The energy removed from the cooling process generates warm water rather than hot air. An energy recovery unit can save energy, cut costs and improve efficiency to help increase your farm’s bottom line.

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